Red Koi T Shirt


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"Red Koi T Shirt. Bright color print. You’ll find that the Koi fish meaning has quickly become that of a beautiful and colorful fish that happens to be associated with all things Japanese. This is now the view of this fish around the world. Seeing this fish makes people think of beauty and serenity, which is also tied into the culture of the Japanese. Not only has this cultural tie and Koi fish meaning made it a popular choice for decorative ponds all over the world, but it has made these fish very popular with tattoo artists too. Since they have a message and meaning of friendship and love, that along with their beautiful colors have made them a tattoo subject. *****Make your t shirt pop...add random rhinestones (all over rhinestones on the shirt). Nice touch! ***Please note...Any t shirt you want can have random rhinestones added. Just email us before ordering and we can add this option."


Our t-shirts are top quality and made to last. They are not the cheap, wear once and throw away kind of t-shirt. We guarantee you will have a long lasting relationship with your tee.

We only use top manufacturers for all of our custom t-shirts. Our adult t-shirt is made from 6 oz. 100% cotton. It has double-needled bottom hem and sleeves. Our Ladies t-shirt is a nice 5.5 oz. 100% super soft ringspun cotton. It has a 1/2" set in collar, double needle bottom hem. All of our t-shirts are preshrunk to minimize shrinkage and machine washable.

**** When Choosing your t-shirt please Remember that not all designs work with all color t-shirts. Example: a white ink design will not show up on a white t-shirt. A design that has black text not outlined by another color will not show up on a black t-shirt. We will do our best to notify you if we spot this. We will email you to let you know it would be best to choose another color. Final decision is up to you.